Simple to prepare, share and organize documents from one easy to use location.

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Send the documents with Email attachments

(unique feature) instead of a regular upload feature. Create your personal account to easily store, search and share documents among coworkers and clients.

Organize your documents

Supports Standard upload/download feature so all files can be backed up or printed out if needed. Folders and subfolders to organize your documents,assign clients their personal folder,or keep track of processing

Windows file explorer look

Professional Windows file explorer look and features that clients love. Set automatic filters to have documents sort themselves as soon as they are received. Filter your documents manually according to criteria chosen by you. Powerful Search features that allows uses simple Boolean Keyword search to quickly find documents you need without scrolling through dozens of emails.

DOD level of security

Ability to Share documents through email (secured and unsecured) with private clients or alternatively share documents on your social media sites with your audience. Follows DOD level of security standards while managing documents, so you and your clients will always have your information protected.