GoDocX Case Study

Technical Recruiter/Recruiting Firm

Finding the right person for the job means getting the job opening in front of as many eyes as possible

Often this involves filing job opening on countless job sites where a flood of responses and resumes will be received. You want to find the perfect fit for the position, but with hundreds of people to sort through the task can be overwhelming, especially when you are attempting to fill multiple positions at once. Often as a recruiter it can be difficult to keep track of who you've already spoken to, who fits your criteria, and where you currently stand on each job opening.

With GodocX it's never been easier to keep track of potential hires, no matter how many job search engines you work with. Simply use our powerful document system to create folders and sub folders where you can easily have resumes organized by job position. Our software allow you to create powerful filters so you can easily track which applicants meet your clients need, who has been responded to, and any necessary follow up steps. By creating one seamless system where applicants can easily upload resumes, portfolios and cover letters, you can save countless hours exchanging emails and more time finding the right fit for your client.

Quick and easy application organization means you can fill the position faster than ever, allowing your clients to get back to business!

With GodocX You Can Now

Keep track of multiple applicants resumes, cover letters and portfolios.
Easily search for and organize responses from multiple job search engines.
Create filters to keep track of potential hires and where they are in the interview/application process.
Allow applicants to upload and share any required documents.
Easily share strong candidates with clients with one easy to use link.