GoDocX Case Study

Mortgage Broker

GodocX creates a clean and seamless experience for both you and your clients

Whether you're organizing housing market research or simply keeping track of applications and settlements, with GodocX your most important documents and client data will be kept in one easy to navigate platform. From bank files to negotiation contracts, you have countless files and documents to keep track of, often resulting in phone or email tag with clients prolonging the process. With buyers keen on finding their home as quickly as possible, it's vital to have offers and loans tied down in a timely fashion.That's why we've created a system that allow you to work smart, while providing your clients with the ability to share important documents with you any time.

Finally, you can provide your clients with quality customer service without overwhelming your work load thanks to our unique system which allows you share, store, and search for documents without leaving a trail of countless emails. Have multiple clients to keep track of? No problem. With our specialty filter settings, subfolders, and Boolean Keyword search it's never been easier to keep track of your most important client documents. Most importantly we provide DOD level security standards, so your clients can rest assured that their private information will never fall into the wrong hands.

With GodocX You Can Now

Keep track of multiple client's application and negotiation process.
Easily search for and organize important documents for bank loans.
Allow clientele to share necessary documents with you at the click of a button.
Share files with institutions and banks in one easy to access link.
Keep all client information secure and protected.