GoDocX Case Study

Immigration Attorney

Whether your clients are looking to obtain a work visa or complete their residency status, there are a number of documents that must be collected and organized to best represent their case.

Any one piece of missing information can prevent your client from receiving the immigration status their seeking, and with multiple forms being scanned, printed, and faxed often files can fall through the cracks. There is also the high likelihood that your client is under a tight time frame, as most people don't turn to an immigration attorney until the situation becomes serious. This means there's no time to be wasted repeatedly collecting files or chasing after forms.

Help ease some of your clients stress by providing a clean and organized method of sharing necessary documents and files with GodocX. With GodocX, not only can your clients quickly and easily share their personal documents, but you can also create their own personal files where they can access the necessary applications required by the government. Immigration laws change often, making it difficult to keep up with the many required applications and documents, with GodocX you can easily organize legal application in folders and subfolders where they can quickly be found using our powerful search features.

You can also use GodocX to keep track of where each client's application status stands, allowing them to check in on their status at any time without exchanging countless emails.

With GodocX You Can Now

Allow clients to easily access necessary applications for their immigration request.
Easily search for and organize important bank statements, passport information, and documents Allow clientele to share necessary documents with you at the click of a button.
Send and request applications and have full cases ready to go at a moment's notice.
Allow client's to easily check on their immigration status.