GoDocX Case Study

Loan Processing Individuals or Companies

While considering loan applications there are a number of personal documents that must be submitted from the borrower including W2's, pay stubs, tax forms, and bank statements
With GodocX clean and simple organizing, uploading, and sending software you can finally go paperless and create a fluid approval process.

Our unique system allows borrowers to upload necessary documents directly to their folder, so you can keep all the required information in one easy to track location. No more downloading documents from multiple emails or forwarding bulks of files to processors and underwriters for review. Easily separate documents into verified and unverified folders, or customize your filters to keep track of where the borrower is in the process. You can even grant borrowers access so they can stay up to date on their status or access their preapproved letter, saving you ample time.

With GodocX DOD level security standards, both lenders and borrowers never need to worry about information falling into the wrong hands.

With GodocX You Can Now

Keep track of multiple loan applications.
Easily search for and organize required documents.
Create filters to keep track of where borrowers stand in the application process.
Allow applicants to view their loan status or access their preapproved letter.
Easily share documents with processors and underwriters for approval.