GoDocX Case Study


When it comes to providing your clients with quality accountant services, every last document and receipt plays a major role.

If you're attempting to handle multiple clients, the number of documents can seem endless. Not to mention the countless hours spent on having files emailed, faxed in, or dropped off. This can become especially chaotic come tax season, when the majority of your clients often delay getting their information in on time. Without a clear and concise way of organizing and sharing documents, it can be difficult to perform your job to its fullest potential.

Fortunately, GodocX has created a one stop system to allow both you and your clients quick and convenient access to their most important documents. With Godocx, not only can you and your clients share and upload documents, but you can easily organize each client's corresponding documents and information. No more filtering through endless emails trying to find a specific file or document, with our powerful search features and Boolean Keyword search it's never been easier to find the exact documents you need in the moment you need it. Assign folders and subfolders to your clients to create an automatic sharing platform where they can easily send you any files 24/7. This drastically reduces the chances of any missing documents that result from faxing or paper copies. Most importantly our technology offers DOD level of security standards, so your clients private information will always be protected.

With GodocX You Can Now

Keep track of multiple client's receipts and files. Easily search for and organize important receipts, pay stubs, and past tax files. Allow clientele to share necessary documents with you at the click of a button.
Send and request tax forms.
Keep all client information secure and protected.